Mailing Lists: A call to hacker-proof unsubscribe links, and make it easy for people to opt-out!

Subtitle: Mailing lists are DEAD. I understand companies spam everyone, but developers are also to blame!


So you have a mailing list, and you want to make sure hackers out there don’t sneak in and remove your subscribers. AND, you also want to make sure it’s still quick and easy for a subscriber to remove his/herself? No problem, simply implement unsubscribe keys and keep the process user friendly!

Preliminary: Unsubscribe Keys

Creating account specific unsubscribe keys is an easy way to provide a heightened level of security for the remove/unsubscribe functionality in a mailing list system. Developers can use these keys as an extra required field to authenticate against if a user is trying to unsubscribe from a mailing list. This helps prevent a hacker from flushing everyone out of your list, and doesn’t require a lot of changes to your system. Continue reading »