Cloud Processing & Real-time Data Analysis

Meadowlands: Water Level Alert System

A real-time flooding alert system running in the cloud. This application accurately broadcasts high water level notifications to emergency officials in the New Jersey Meadowlands region during a serious storm event. The application is cloud-based to increase speedy alert delivery and prevent down-time from localized power failures. Each alert is sent via email or text message and contains links to appropriate flooding prediction maps to aid emergency officials during storm response and recovery.

Data Analysis & Exploration

Meadowlands: Sediment Chemistry Data Portal

MERI’s Sediment Chemistry Data Portal serves as a way to easily access MERI’s rich archive of historical sediment chemistry data. The portal allows users to search by chemical, study, or Chemical in a particular study. Query results are displayed in a tabular form featuring chemical information, geographic coordinates, and sampling dates. Results can easily be exported to excel for further analysis.

ArcGIS Server

Meadowlands: Emergency Response Information System

This web application provides emergency response officials with access to a secure database in which detailed property-specific information is displayed within an interactive map.

Meadowlands: Municipal Map

This web mapping application serves as an easy to use centralized location for both present and historical geographic information about 14 municipalities that make up the New Jersey Meadowlands District. It is used daily by these municipalities for purposes that include including zoning, construction, and tax assessment.


BK Countdown

BK Countdown is an open source flexible JavaScript countdown class written for jQuery. If you need a date countdown on your website this class will seamlessly integrate your existing CSS wonderful.